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My boss has a 1999 Nissan Sentra. Currently the heater blower, which has four speeds, only works on the highest speed, but not on the lower three speeds. I'm not too familiar with these types of cars, can anyone help? I am more adept at working on older cars and trucks. I know on some of the older vehicles, there is a resistor that mounts with the heater blower that regulates the blower speeds, not sure if it's the same in these cars though. Thanks in advance!

posted by  SilveradoZ

i worked for nissan last year.i am sure that
there is a three stage resistor for the fan controller .its easy to change.
it is not too expensive .you are on the right track,if it is a straight manual switch.4 position.....

the lobster

posted by  the lobster

he's right, if fan works and switch is working but you don't get all speeds the the resistor or resistors is burned out, most cases is cheap and easy to fix if you don't have to rip the dash apart

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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