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i have 98 tercel 5e-fe automatic. a compression test on the #2 cylinder was a bit low, the other 3 are fine. what is a good product to try to fix this. i do not want to have the engine torn down.
thank you

posted by  ephraim

I don't know how or why you say the piston ring is stuck but.

How low is a bit low? What were the compression numbers throughout?

posted by  DodgeRida67

cylinder 1, 3 & 4 were all in the 120 - 130 range and the 2 cylinder was 85 - 95
and i say it may be stuck because that is what the person who tested it with me thought it could be

posted by  ephraim

Couple of things you may want to give a shot.

1. Pull plug on cylinder and spray WD40 into cylinder. let it set couple of hours and try see if it helps

2. do the same above but use Marvel's Mystery Oil.

One note, because you don't know why its stuck, (ie galded piston, carbon, broken ring etc.) these are the safest non invasive measures

One note, if you are absolutely sure you have to go into it, we used to mix BonAmi with water and pour it in the intake of carburated engines. Of course, we;d sell em soon after they started hitting on all

posted by  oldtimebuilder

A good way to test for a worn/stuck piston ring is to do what oldtimer said. Another way we do it is to pour a little oil down the cylinder and see if it boosts the compression at all. If so, bad ring, and if not you are probably looking at a bad intake or exhaust valve.

(generally newer cars do not have problems with piston rings as they did in the past, due to better oil and manufacturing.)

posted by  carls47807

LOL now some kid is goingto go out and buy some Ajax, Vim, Bon Ami or whatever and give it a go. We've had a lot of fun with this one over the years on another board, especially when discussing rapid bedding after a rebuild.

For my money one pot much lower than the other three = badly seating or burnt valve.

As carls47807 posted, the wet compression test will tell you if you have minor leakage from either the rings, bore or valves. I use the minor term hesitantly.

posted by  Wally

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