94 escort torque converter seal leak.

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Need some assistance with repeat leak on 94 escort trans.
4 months ago had leak, replaced torque converter seal, problem resolved,
but gradually developed leak again to the point of appearing like a stabbing victim. I have the feeling that the converter is wobbling slightly and damaging
the seal. When I reinstalled the converter I do not recall seeing any obvious wear where the converter mounted to. Is there a bushing or bearing that is the likely cause of the leak? have not removed trans yet.
Any input appreciated.

posted by  155Kescort

even if they look perfect, sometimes they still leak. if you take it apart again and can't see anything obviously wrong i would buy the fel-pro sleeve n' seal kit. all you do is sand the converter shaft down a little, slip a sleeve over it and the seal fits better than new.

good luck.

posted by  carls47807

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