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Simple concept, but would these really make any difference? Oh, and another thing. I've heard of people putting magnets on their oil pan or filter, and I've heard of magnetic oil drain plugs. I think VW used the plugs, if I'm not mistaken. My question is this. As I understand it, in your oil, you have a very small amount of zinc. Zinc is supposedly your last line of defense as to preventing metal-to-metal contact in the engine. Zinc is also attracted to magnets, if I remember correctly. Wouldn't using a magnet keep the zinc at the point of the magnet, thus taking away or extensively degrading your last line of defense?

I realize I'm bringing up what are likely old wives' tales in the auto world, but I feel comfortable asking here after I've done my homework. Thanks for any input.

posted by  digital_shad0w

We've explored the resistor in another thread on a previous occasion so I will leave that with two words. Snake oil.

Speaking of oil I've never heard that zinc is used to prevent metal to metal contact. Magnets can safely be used to trap magnetic particles in an engine or transmission. However most of the high wear items ar non-magnetic so... I guess a little extra protection, no matter how little can't hurt.

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Love it!! :)

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Doh . . . I'll admit I dropped the ball on the resistor thing (is that what that link called "Search" does?) :P .

After looking around a little bit, I found my source of information for the tidbit on Zinc. Clicky (

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