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After my 1999 Dodge caravan overheated I replaced the thermostat and the van still got hot. I checked the power to the fans and was not getting power. I replaced the temperature switch and reset the computer by removing the battery cables for about ten minutes. After reconnecting the battery cables and starting the van the fans came on, for about two days. The fans again stopped working. I contacted the dealer and they told me it was probably the fan relay, but they wouldn't explain to me where it was located, wanting me to bring it in to the dealer trying to make a buck. I live in Florida and have to drive the van with the heater on all the time to keep it from over heating. I seriously need some help with this problem. Thanks

posted by  a_stalvey

check under the hood there should be a power control box big black plastic cover near the battery remove the cover and look at the fuses and relays one will be marked for the fans

posted by  osborste

Check your fan relay. It is mounted on the engine housing just to the right of radiator under the air filter assembly. It is approximately 1.25 x 1.25 inch and does not look like a relay assembly. It is really a variable fan speed controller and has a set of wires that plug into it. Had the same thing happen to me.

posted by  kellio52

you should maybe buy a repair manual for your car so in the future you can find the parts your looking for, so then you dont have to spend money for some guy to do something that would take you like 5 mins.

posted by  Import-tuner

generally a good idea - since Haynes/Chiltons have made it to the pre 2001 generation Town and Countrys / Caravans only a couple of months ago.

a scan tool is needed to reset the ecms on anything built after 1996. You can talk autozone into doing this for little or no cost.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

if you have a/c it has its own fan.given the location where you live,just wire a switch from the dash,to the temperature cut out switch on the rad,and bingo,a working fan.these caravans are famous for this problem. i have seen something on this before.if you open up the fuse and relay box,on the left side of the vehicle,the relay is inside the box.the horn uses the same part# i think so you can put the relay in and see if the horn will sound.a haynes manual might have some advice on your trouble too. looks like the guy ken has the problem down pretty good,depends on which engine you have ,the mitsubishi 3 litre,or the 3,3 chrysler engine.but for sure if you follow the fan wiring you will find the relay/controller .

posted by  the lobster

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