91 Mazda Mx6, won't go in gear

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The Hold System light on the dash keeps flashing, and the car won't kick into gear all the time, any ideas?

posted by  KouLeifoh

ok i have to comment on this, first of all read the notes about posting, introduce yourself first and give more detail of car and problem then maybe we can attempt to help you

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

hey first thing first. the light is flashing due to the trans tourq. converter is failing, needs rebuilt or replaced. sencond to fix the shifter to stop sticking you need to remove it and either clean it or replace it the gose in to the trans then back out then back in and alot of times they get alot of rust on the part that is out of the trans and it frezzes up.

posted by  churst44035

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