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Hey Guys,
I just bought a 93 Altima from a friend for cheap price (Lets just say $1000 with 81K) and I have problem with the clutch. When I first bought the car it was car well but the clutch got burnt out so I replaced it with new set. I'm experiecing few problem even with the new clutch though it wa very pricy. I can not put the first gear or reverse before giving few tries and it also takes a little to drive off. I have no problem driving any other car with a manual transmission and my last two cars had a manual transmission but this is pain in the A**. I would really appreciate if y'all can help me with this because don't want to pay another pricy clutch.

SKID :driving:

posted by  SKID3k

did you have to open the hydraulic system? maybe try bleeding the system, did you install a new slave cylinder? do you have free play in the pedal? and how much.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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