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Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum so i thought i would try it out see what/if anyone would help me out, anyway i have a 1993 BMW 318i and no interior lights work, it's a short somewhere, and i jsut have to find that, but now thereNO door locks work, and the power windows don't work. so if there a BCM (body control module) iono, if there is anyone with BMW experience out there, maybe you can help me out.

i have only japanese experience, i'm very new to the euro scene!

thanks in advance


posted by  Duge

you'll have better luck at a BMW forum where you'll get lots and lots of replies, rather than here where not many people are into BMWs. check out most people there know their way around a BMW very well. you'll have members that will have your eexact car and may have had the same problem.

other than that, i wouldn't really know. check all fuses, or remove the panel in the driver's side footwell and check for shorts or the such.

posted by  BMWGuru

i am a new member too. but i think i can hlep you, because i have a Mercedes-benz s class and i'hv got the same problem as yours. but then other people say that the bettery of the caris finish. so all the electron system well be not working.

posted by  ferrari 450

Or he could post this in the correct place...I'll move it

posted by  Cliffy

that is a common problem .check the main grounds from the main distribution box.they rot out underneath.alot of these cars come from the east and there is actually a hole in the metal undre the box.the salt and corrosion destroys the connections in the main fuse box undrenetah where you cant seeit ,take out the box and check all the wire undre it ...have fun its a hard one to fix.
i have seen this before .there is another one that has to do with the glovebox light .they wire the circuits through the bulb.since the glovebox light is the least used,it takes yeras to burn out and after the warranty is up.a whole bunch of stuff goes down.i saw this years ago: JVC built an am fm reciever that had a + - 14 volt power supply for the pre amp section.they
wired the dial indicator lamp in series with the 14 v plus rail.when the bulb
burnt out,the -14 volts would show on the output stage ,and the speaker protect would come on and no sound.measure the amplifier side of the relay and the dc offset was there. i am amazed that there was not a class action law suit. can you imagine if the cooling fan for your car was wired through
one of your daytime running lamps ? how do people get away with this crap ?

posted by  the lobster

i have an 88 325is...

the mechanic i bought it from says that the 92-96 3 series often had electrical problems

posted by  325iSe30

See, told ya so lol :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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