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We have a 1992 Chysler Plymouth Voyager, 3.3l engine, v6. We recently replaced a fan motor that burned out and checked for good motor according to the chilton mechanic manual. The radiator fan does not turn on, during our drive to anywhere. The engine over heats and we sometimes have to allow the van cool down before we drive it again (our preference). We were informed by some of the people talk to who have had mecahnical experience tell us that there are sensors that might need to be replaced. In the last few months we did have a faulty alternator which we replaced with a rebuilt one from checker. We are not sure that with the new part it may have shorted out some of the 14-year old sensors or systems. According to Chilton there are relay switches under the hood and have replace those. There are fuses in the cabin, and we are trying to ascertain which fuse is for which part of the van. We have pretty much come up pretty dumbfounded by the ordeal. We even checked the fan motor again to see if it was burned out and found it to be fine. And the a/c fan we found also doesnt turn on when we turn the ac on, or compresor. So we are not sure what happened. Is there a sensor, or relay switch that we are not looking at that might have a reason for the fans not turning on? How would you fix this problem if faced with this problem? The chilton book seems to offer no solutions, and we are stuck on it. If you do need any other information please ask, and if we havent tried any tests or answered your questions yet we will try and se if it fixes the problem. We do need another mind on this problem to help resolve the matter. Thank you.

posted by  daniel4788

im just gunna piss in the dark here, but there is a sensor for the fan, there is probably a seperate sensor for the gauge or maybe even a sensor for the computer individually, you have to determine which sensor is for the fan, usually you can pull the connector off that sensor and jumper the 2 pins togather with the key in the on position, if the fan starts up when you do that then you know the rest of the system works and the sensor is shot, if it doesn't come on then you have more problems, the relay the fuse(there are 2 relays for the fan motor i believe)or even the control module which i believe is tied in with the transmission control module. thats about all i can tell you

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

just another note CHECK ALL FUSES sometimes the circuit is tied in with A/C if you have A/C. also be sure what sensor your jumping togather cuz you don't wanna fry the computer or any other devices, try to find a parts store or a shop that can give you a printout of the location of this so-called sensor

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

It could also be a fusable link causing all of the problems. Some times if you just un-plug the temp sensor the cooling fans will kick on. I think that if you find the fuse in the fuse box for the a/c and replace it that will cure the fan problem though. And then you will need to find out if there is a problem with the a/c system that caused the fuse to blow. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

was all ok before you replaced the alternator? if so ,check that the extra ground on the minus side is there.disconnect the battery.check for a almost 0 ohm resistance between ,battery,engine ,and one pin of the 2 pin connector on the fan.if thats ok.check the + side .the fan might be running on too low a voltage.if so you probably blew a controller module when the alternator went open,the ground looked good through an alternate source.
good luck in finding the problem
first of all,if you have overheated the vehicle,make sure the coolant level is proper,if it is low ,the thermal sensor will not activate the fan.DO NOT short the pins together.it is not a zero resistance.it is usually through a resistor.this is what i would do,get a scematic diagram from chrysler,i have found the chiltons ones to be scary any way.the air conditioning has its own sensor and fan and probably a common ground.what i would do is put a voltmeter minus to the body of the van,and see if the 12 v dc control voltage is there,if it is you have an open ground in the minus side.the likelyhood of both relays being baked is impossible.if the fan wasSHORTED,it should have blown a fuse rather than a relay.those relays are made to switch at least 40 amps.CHECK THE POWER CONTROL MODULE.even a bad ground could do it.the pcm has hundreds of resistors and semiconductors in it .about 20 at a wreckers.i fixed an 86 grand national once.a 75$module for the hvac ,which is driven by the main computer($1400)was blown .he was told by 2 dealers that it was a 1700 repair bill.100 later it worked.he popped the module ,it was located in close proximity to the wiper arm.getting a scematic diagram for the van is the best idea .....good luck
the lobster

posted by  the lobster

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