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I bought this car as a winter beater for $150. The car wouldn't go over 30mph and would stall. I changed the battery, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and a bad coil pack and now the car runs MUCH better; however, I have power loss, stalls now and then, and random power pickup to a normal level.

My check engine light comes on so I disconnected my battery for 30min, to clear old error codes, then went for a drive til the light came back on. I then took it to Advanced Auto Parts for a free error scan and the scan showed a possible crank shaft position sensor problem and/or exhaust selinod problem.

Now based on the fact it plan old stalls and has random power pickup to normal I believe its the CPS. I also heard the CPS failing is a common problem with this car. I have the manual but I'm having trouble finding a diagram for the 3.1L. I does have picks and diagrams for its location on the 4cyl ver.

Can anyone help me in locating the CPS. Remember (if possible) a picture is worth a 1000 words! :thumbs:

PS: Can't wait til snow breaks and I can pull out my turbo charged AWD Talon :mrgreen:

posted by  Russell

Ok found it... Lovely American ingenuity :cussing:

It’s mounted in, of course, a slightly hard to reach area with out a lift and has sharp rough frame edges around it. A threaded screw sticks out of the crank case with a nut securing the sensor. The treads protrude about 3/4" out of the top of the nut and they are all corroded/rusty.

Hours into it the nut in now somewhat stripped and I'm sitting here wishing there were large cliffs in my county.

It reminds me of the fuel line filter I gave up on. Plastic connection on one end that leads to the gas tank came off easy. Other end hard thin (twistable) fuel line with treads directly connects to the filter with a fixed corroded nut. Ya it my as well of been spot welded together.

posted by  Russell

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