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hey, i have an 85 parisienne as you might have guessed, with a 305, and a 4barrel carb. my problem is that my choke refuses to open on its own, i was told it was a temperature sensor or some sort of spring needed adjusting, or to just convert it to a manuel choke. Any ideas or thoughts?

posted by  85PontiacYacht

auto choke is very handy if it's setup properly, if done wrong it won't come off high idle, i would stick to auto choke but find a good carb guy, or rip yours off a put a nice new shiny holley on it :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

First find out if the choke spring is working at all and not over adjusted. If it is not over adjusted, it needs to be replaced. Find the carb model number on the body of the carb or better yet take it off the car and take it to the parts store. Buy a new one, follow instructions on installation (may require some drilling), adjust appropriately, happy driver :driving: Or it could be a high idle adjustment, vacuum pull off not working, or you just don't realise the secondary butterflys do not open at idle. This is one of the reasons they got rid of carbs. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

put on a holly carb to go faster and use less gas

posted by  AutoPro

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