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I have a 1990 dodge omni, and they do not come with stock rear speakers. I just bought 2 6x9s and I was wondering how I would be able to install them myself by running wires to the back. If anyone has diagrams or websites that would be helpfull, otherwise ill just go to best buy and get them installed.

posted by  Spunka

Running wires to the back is easy, mounting them is the hard part. All you have to do is run the wire from your deck under-neath the kick panels to the rear remove the back seat if necessary and push the wire into the trunk if that needs to be done.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

were u planning on mounting them in the rear deck or in custom boxes?

posted by  griffinstud78

Depends on how sturdy your back shelf is ... if it's okay, just cut the holes in it.... if not, make yourself a new one out of a piece of MDF board, cut it to the shape, and put the speaker holes in it. If you cover it with a piece of cloth it'll look quite nice.

posted by  windsonian

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