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I have a 96 Ford Explorer XLT 6cyl 4x4. The issue I'm having is with the Door Ajar alarm. It is sensing that a door is open when it is not. It's very annoying and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on trouble shooting this myself. I'm almost sure it is the drivers door sensor that is triggering the alarm as the dome light no longer comes on when I open that door. Any comments would be appreciated.

DR. B.

posted by  Dr. Bombay

Sometimes the sensor in the latch gets stuck and reads as open. Get some brake cleaner and some spray silicone lube, clean the latch on all of the doors with the brake clean and when it is dry lube it with the silicone. Much cheaper that a new latch. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

on most ford's ive seen i could never revive the sensor with lube you have to pull the panel off the door and find the door ajar switch. and get a new one it'll be like part number SW-5528 or XF1Z-14018-aa(depending on the switch) well those are just the numbers i got off the one i have here for a customer , make sure you check the right part number cuz the way the mount in the latch will be keyed. the switches are usually just pull the electrical connector off and turn the sensor left or right 90 degrees and it should slide out, when you get the new one MAKE SURE it looks exactly like the old one especially where the locking tabs are, save yourself hours of swearing trying to cram the wrong switch in

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Yup, you could do that too! :laughing:

posted by  srober32

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