2000 Honda CR-V Keyless Remote Problem

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I recently purchased a Honda CR-V keyless remote and everything seems to work except it won't open the driver's door, which sort of makes it useless! It opens all other doors and will even pop the back window.

When I got the car in 2000 I had an alarm system put in that went haywire last year so I had it removed. It kept going off and the remote would not shut it off and in the process it would kill the engine and leave me stranded. When the alarm was installed after about a year the door locks used to randomly sound like they were locking and unlocking, although they just made the sound but weren't really locking or unlocking. Since the alarm has been removed the car has done that same thing a few times. The driver's door has to be locked manually by the key when I get out, it won't lock if I use the electric door lock button on the inside of the car. I also have to manually lock it by pushing the button down if I am inside the car.

Does anyone know if this is a fixable problem?

posted by  kellyeld

it should be... take it to a local electricion or something or a audio place... they should be able to do the job

posted by  mazda6man

could be the wiring to the motor that pops the lock up, the linkage for the lock should move freely or else the motor will have a hard time moving the lock, can you pull the lock up or push it down easily? alot of the time the wire in the door will break, it's usually being covered up by an accordian looking boot sometimes you can pull the boot back and inspect the wires without much trouble. check that stuff first.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Actually, now that you mention it, the door lock is sort of hard to push down. Much harder than the other door locks. I will check it out and if I can't figure it out I will take it somewhere. Just didn't want to get the run around if it's not fixable. Thanks so much for your posts.

posted by  kellyeld

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