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I've taken my ole' trusty pickup to 3 different places and all have told me different things.

Here's the specifics:

Mazda B2200 1992 Automatic 4-cyl

Here's the problem:

The truck runs fine for a litte while, but emits a fuel smell, then it runs very badly. The engine can be kept running by pumping the gas, but still does not produce the power needed to accelerate without bogging out. One mechanic suggested it was the mass airflow sensor, another said there was nothing wrong, and the most recent (Mazda dealer) said it was the bypass air/mix valve and suggested a fuel system flush. The total cost to repair the air mix valve with the flush would be around $950! This includes about 2 hours labor. Am I being taken for a ride, or if it sounds legit, where can I find my part that I need online to save a little bit of mulla?



posted by  skicanada

Is your mazda carb or fuel injected?

posted by  usaz28camaro

The best approach to solving this is to have the codes (if any) pulled. Some auto stores (such as autozone) will pull the codes at no charge. From Your description (especially the gas smell) it sounds like it could be an o2 sensor problem. When an o2 sensor goes out the default is for the ecm to send more gas to the engine when in fact that is not what it needs thereby flooding it. This is why people often smell gas from the exhaust.

posted by  Macc

Hello Ski my name jamel and I am having the same problem with my 87 5 speed 4cyl. I changed the Carb,Fuel filter,EGR valve,O2 sensor,Map sensor the next step I am going to replace the ECU to see if it will fix the problem.Some people say to check the Cat converter for blockage that it will cause the truck to act up like this.If you find out any different please let me know!!!!!

posted by  jamelfrazier

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