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I have a 97 Protege DX 1.5L DHOC engine, auto tranny, with 88000 miles on her and for about 6 months now it does not like to start, especially when it is cold. I can hear the fuel pump turning on and off when i turn the car over. The battery is new, alternator is new, new plugs, dist. cap, wires, mass air flow sensor and system. I have had it in garage after garage, check engine light has been on and no one can figure it out.

When i go to start it is turns over kinda slow then gets worst, what I have to do is push the gas down to get fuel through it it seems, then lay off the gas and she will start after some more cranking. This should not have to happen on a fuel injected car right?

I have been to a dealership and they said I need a new head, intake values, gaskets. Could this be just an intake manifold gasket??

Any input or ideas will be greatly appreciated thank you!!!


posted by  protegeOwner

what do you get for fuel pressure? just cuz the pump turns on doesn't mean it works? sounds like a pretty bad drivability problem. do you get any codes?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I get P0170 frim trim

and P0302 cyl 2 misfire

posted by  protegeOwner

well thats a good start, locate that misfire- plug or plug wire or cap? check compression, and i'll get back to ya on that other code

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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