What is happens to the car when you lower it?

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What is happens to the car when you lower it?

posted by  riceoholic

hmm i take it you are not American because my english teacher would crucify you for that grammar....

but isnt it kinda obvious what happens when you lower a car? it gets lower! :rolleyes:

damn newbie

posted by  SuperJew

theres some physic involed in the lowering of the car.

posted by  riceoholic

I concur with SuperJew. Lowering a car will normally cause it to become closer to the ground. May we have a third opinion please. ;)

You are correct. What are you trying to find out?

posted by  vwhobo

what do you mean "some physic"????? i have no clue what you are talking about.

posted by  SuperJew

some people say that when you lower your car it increases speed and turning and there something about the center of gravity pushing on the car.

posted by  riceoholic

Lowering your car will in fact lower the center of gravity. It may or may not increase speed or improve handling.

posted by  vwhobo

ok now we have something to work with...

first. the actual act of lowering the car does not technically increase speed. what it does do is make the aerodynamics better so that the car accelerates faster/increases efficiency.

second. yes, i believe lowering the car lowers the center of gravity, therefore making the car handle better.

however, when you lower the car, i know where i live potholes are a common sight. now when we have that, there is a chance of scrapage of the bodywork when one goes over a pothole. not cool. however, in CA, where you evidently live, you probably will not have that problem. so, my message to you is: lower away!

EDIT: basically this is the complicated version of what vwhobo said.

posted by  SuperJew


posted by  riceoholic

ill give you four options

a) the car gets lower
b) the car gets higher
c) the car gets wider
d) the car gets longer

my personal reccomendation is that if you have your car lowered it gets lower, yes A is correct

posted by  stringer001

it really depends on how you are lowering it.
if you just cut your springs the the alignment will have to be modified.

even with lowering spindels you will still have to compensate the camber most of the time and the caster sometimes.

posted by  buddycraigg

what will happen is you'll have a sh*ty looking car. but hey whatever you want to be seen in.

posted by  lick_q1

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