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Hi I own a 1998 Hyundai Tiburon and while learning how to drive stick shift I was going over a particularly large speed bump in my neighborhood and stalled out really bad. The engine light went on after I restarted the car and has been on ever since. At first the car seemed fine, I detected no problems in the performance. However, when the time came to refill my tank for the first time my first problem occured; after filling my tank to the top the engine wouldnt start. I had to try and start it about 3-4 times before it finally got going. I thought this was just a one time thing but it seems to happen every time. After a period of, I think, 1 week of driving with the engine light the car performance went down. The engine doesnt run as smoothly or change gears as well and accelerates a lot worse. There is also a faint smell of gasoline coming through the AC vents. The car even shuts off while idling in neutral after a period of time and now after getting the car checked out the engine light isnt just on, its flashing. Also, the car seems to vibrate and have erratic shaking every once in a while.

I finally went to Tire Kingdom and got an Engine Diagnostic, the problems seems to be that the Caister Purge Valve or something needs to be changed or fixed and something about the Solenoid; an induction service was also recommended. I was just wondering if this is what the problem was, or if they were just scamming me. Also if this is the problem what is the general cost of this, because they were unable to give me an estimate due to their mechanic being away. Is there a way I can fix this myself, taking into account I know very little about cars?

Thank you for any information.

posted by  Polix

Anyone know?

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posted by  Polix

I'm sure by now you've had your problem solved, but if you haven't...

You should have gotten an ODB II fault code of 31. This is consistent with your report of the illumination of your check engine light.

This problem is an emissions problem, specifically with your evaporative emmisions control system (EVAP). This explains the smell of gasoline you reported. The solenoid that purges gas fumes from your fuel tank is not operating normally. It sounds like your valve is stuck open. May need to replace the solenoid.

So, no you weren't being ripped off or scammed.

Hope this helps somebody.

posted by  Scott0666

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