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About six months ago the brakes kept locking up. found the problem the hose to the booster had collapsed, fixed it. Now the back brakes are getting air in them. Also i am not loseing any fluid. Thought it was the master cylinder changed it, not once but twice, and it's still happening.. and boy am I lost.

posted by  flatheadvtwin

check for loose fitting on lines and bleed screws in wheel cylinder you also mentioned you changed the master did you bleed it before installing if not you will not remove all of the air for inside the bore of the master but driving daily will push some of this air around the system(into the brake lines)you may need some help to bleed the master on the truck pump and hold the pedal and loosen the line at the master one at at time just like bleeding a wheel cylinder or caliper (air in a master cylinder the pedal will feel sponge)

posted by  osborste

I have changed the calipers, pads, master cylinder and brake booster. I don't know what else to try. I would appreciate any ideas. Which line did you change to the brake booster? The vacuum line? :banghead:

posted by  bayousoft

How about you introduce yourself and then start your own thread instead of stealing this one :banghead:

posted by  99integra

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