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Hello from yuma AZ!

Ok heres my question, as by now most have noticed that some cars headlights have a white brilliant shine to them, typically HID, or Xeon lights. These use halogen gas to keep the filament burning, and produces a much brighter, and more vibrant shine then your average light, you can buy them at wal-mart or any auto part store, for about 12 bucks each, and i really want to install them on my SUV, but i have heard from a friend of mine that they drain your battery faster than normal headlights, this is understandable but i dont see how they could drain your battery so much faster, anyway, any advice? should it be a go? a no go? theyre halogens so i assume they take that much electricity. I went to pep boys to take a look, but could not find amp usage, my alternator is rated for 70 amps. and i just recently installed a 200wattt Clarion reciever. What should i do- install the bulbs and not worry? get a higher rated alternator? any words?

posted by  SUVv6

If the bulbs use any more power it will be very minute, if anything maybe an amp more for a set... big deal. Your car can easily power that.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE


posted by  SUVv6

ask the people at pep boys they might know, if you want to be sure they will work fine or not.

posted by  Import-tuner

Be carefull of cheap imitation bulbs!....these are probably the '12 bucks' bulb you describe, genuine bulbs are are bit more expensive...atleast they are this side of the pond anyways lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

the heck? you can just buy the bulbs and put it in your stock lights to get that HID brightnesss??? i thought you have to buy the whole new headlights with new reflectors and everythign to get that bright blue/white shine

posted by  vuhuynh109

Yes, the real HID kits are bout $240 bucks (usually they come with your car, found in Lexus, Infiiti, Benz etc..) but they are garunteed for life ( i believe) but if you want the look you can just go to pep boys and buy some halogen lights, they also come on in different colors, theyre pretty cool

posted by  SUVv6

the 2003 infiniti q45 and the 2003 nissan maxima,have blue lights that look like high intensity lights.but they are bulbs...you can get from nissan.but the hid lights come in a variety of nuisance,my top picks being....the honda s2000,the audi a8,the bmwx5 and the posche cayenne,if it were up to me those lights would not be legal. best thing to do is get 200 blue led s ,it will only use 10 watts,halogen are 55,or hook up 50 flash units from a camera,and fire them .2 msec. apart. that is what the hid lamps do same kind of idea..xenon lights still only draw the maximum limit 55 watts.i bought some blue high beam lights from sylvania,but i liked the sylvania xenon better.lasers would work better.a laser is 1/1000 of a watt and it can light a stop sign 1/2 a mile away. a 1 watt laser can hit the moon.if you had 50 watts of laser power,you could blind people for 3000 miles.what the hell is the point of these lights anyway?to see better?now you know why all the german cars have blue tinted side mirrors,rear mirrors,polarized windshields,for the lights 'cause everyones got them.

posted by  the lobster

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