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Hi, i have a 1987 honda accord-dx automatic with 112,000 miles on it. I've had a problem on a trip from NY to NC where my heat ran cold all the sudden so i pulled over and popped the hood to see that the neck on my plastic radiator had a hole in the neck below the cap gushing a fountain of fluid on my windshield. I took it to a garage somewhere in W. Virginia, and not having alot of money, they took every dime i had and patched it up. 50 miles down the road it blew again, i finally got a used radiator in the town i was stranded in and put it in. i noticed a pin size leak in the neck, so i tried putting some radiator leak seal in and started it up again, it was running fine except my cooling fan's havent been turning on, but i decided to try it anyways after checking the fuses, hoping it would just click on after 10-15 mins.
Well i was wrong. About 15 minutes later my radiator cracked all the way along the top. I eventually towed it with a u-haul and now it's sitting. I was wondering where the relay switch for the fan would be, and if it sound's like a thermostat problem. I took off the thermostat housing, and looked at the thermostat, cleaned it off. (It's stubbornly still attached to the hose) so i filled it up with water from one end and watch it trickle out of a hole in the thermostat around the base below the spring where there' a little plastic screw type thing hanging out. Is that suppose to happen? I'm going to replace the radiator, and most likely the thermostat, but before i do i want to make sure it's even worth putting the money into the car, because i've already thrown some at it and it just keeps blowing the radiator. (i did not replace the thermostat when i changed the radiator last) Any help would be great thanks.

posted by  Cristoph

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