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I have a V Reg Fiesta Ghia.

Today, my speedometer, rev meter, petrol meter etc etc stopped working.

I also found out that my brake and reverse lights didn't work .

Are these related or is it likely that my brake/reverse lights didn't work before?

And if anyone knows, what do I do to fix both problems (apart from go to a garage)?

NB. I know nearly nothing about mechanics of a car. I looked at the fuse box, but I don't even know what I'm looking for.

posted by  swfcblake

OK. I found a bit of info about what to do and I found a blown fuse. I replaced it, but that blew as well and replaced it again. Guess what? That blew as well. :banghead:
Anyone know what's wrong with it?

As for the brake/reverse lights.... I'm going to use a 12v circuit tester screwdriver to see if there's a complete circuit. Two questions:

1) What do I do if there's a complete circuit? ie. what's wrong with the lights?

2) What do I do if there isn't a complete circuit? ie. again, what's wrong with the lights?

posted by  swfcblake

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