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1994 V6 4x4 Ford Explorer

While my car was idling, it overheated, it think due to a bad thermostat. Any way, thermostat replaced, my car always leaks fluid. The leak seems to be coming from the drivers side of the engine just behind the water pump. Its very hard to get in there to look, but im pretty sure its not coming from the water pump gasket. The Haynes manual said it could be an engine drain plug or a freeze plug, but i cant find them and there is no description of what they look like or where they are. Any suggestions?

posted by  Delzvir

your freeze plugs are steel disks appro 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter they are all around the engine block front and back and usely three on each side and cylinder heads front and back hope this will help you find that leak

posted by  osborste

Sell it... sell it NOW, 4.0L explorers are absolute crap, if you haven't already replaced head gaskets, intake gaskets, new heads, or from what it sounds like it doesn't get the love that that monster needs to stay alive just sell it and buy something new or else have fun with your money pit! if you don't step up and do some major repairs to seal that coolant leak your in for a ride

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

That sounds like the best plan so far. Though I have to say, with over 115k miles on it, i think its got a pretty good track record so far. No major repairs as of yet, and the most Ive put into it at any one time was $150 to replace some brake calipers/rotors. This time its gonna take a trip to the shop. Thanks for the info.

posted by  Delzvir

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