1990 honda civic: dashboard and tail light gremlins?

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I bought a honda civic because I thought it'd be a sturdy, reliable car for while I'm in college. Well, I was surprised when the car turned out to be trouble. Recently, the stereo stopped working for no apparent reason. I tried replacing the fuse under the steering wheel, but that didn't do anything. Next, the battery and alternator both had to be replaced...leading up to my current problem. The dashboard lights and tail lights no longer function! I've replaced the only fuse for them I could find...the one under the dashboard. Is there anywhere else I should look? I've lost confidence in my mechanic---they did a diagnostic and said everything was fine, charged me for the new alternator and battery, and sent me on my way. I'm sort of new to car repair. Anything I should be looking for? Or should I just suck it up and go back to the mechanic?

posted by  aggie

Generally there's 2 fuses for such like that. One will say "cluster" possibly, and another may say "Elec" or "Electrical". Just take out a test light if you have one and test all your fuses by touching the top metal diode of each fuse. Easiest way to test if it's a fuse.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

thanks for the advice! i've decided to try to learn as much as i can about my car, and it's kinda intimidating for a beginner. i'll definetely check that out!

posted by  aggie

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