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My car ,which is a 95 saturn is slowly turning into a pile of crap..The latest problem that ive noticed is that when i put the car in gear after the car is turned off, it doesnt act as a break. As ive been told when u leave the car in gear it is suppose to act as a second emergency break but mine isnt doing this. Anybody know whats wrong with it?

posted by  yadayada

The park lock inside your transmission is a very simple mechinism. Bacically a spring loaded lever that stops the output drum from turning when engaged. Your problem could be;

1. Shift cable out of adjustment

2. Bad/broken engine or trans mount causing the cable to be out of adjustment

3. Broken park lever inside the transaxle

No matter what the cause, unless you're a competent mechanic you'll have to have someone else do the repair for you so... Take it to a shop with ASE certified techs and let them have at it. Good luck.

I forgot to mention, if the cable is out of adjustment for any reason you may be slowly killing your trans because the selector valve may not be fully in the correct position. This will cause low/incorrect line pressure and not allow the clutches to apply as required.

posted by  vwhobo

I kind feel like he means it as if you are moving and still got it in drive, kinda like down shifting.. I might just be geting the wrong idea. I could be retarded tho....

posted by  muddy4x4man

that was a very good explanation vwhobo, hes terriably right my friend.

posted by  stringer001

i am reading it as if he is expecting it to be "engine breaking" if in gear and the engine is off.

if this is the case the transmission doesn't have any hydraulic pressure when the engine is off and thus would not have any resistance.

posted by  buddycraigg

Yeah, but I assumed he was putting it in park like a normal person would. Of course it might be a manual trans which of course would change the answer drastically. Unfortunately we're working without enough info as usual and he doesn't seem interested enough to check in on his post.

posted by  vwhobo

and that's new how???

posted by  buddycraigg

sry ive been away for a while..yes it is a manual transmission and if it helps more this way then.... For example when i park it on a slight hill and the car is completely off i would put it in ,lets say 3rd gear. This use to naturally act as a break but now deoesnt. When driving, the shifting is stiff but works fine. I hope this will help soemoen figure out my problem

posted by  yadayada

If it’s a manual tranny and you put it in gear as a parking break and the car moves, there are three possibilities.

1 if it rolls like it is in neutral, you are not getting it all the way in gear. Try adjusting the shifting cables.

2 if it slowly roll as if you slightly have the break on, the clutch is slipping and you will be looking towards a clutch job soon. You should notice it slipping in higher gears if you mash the gas pedal. As in the engine RPM is reving but the car is not going faster.

3 engine compression is not enough to hold the weight of the car against gravity. If you have always parked on this hill in 3rd gear and it has just started to roll then your engine is wearing out and has lost some compression. If this is the first time you’ve parked there then just put it in 1st and forget about it. it is normal.

posted by  buddycraigg

I concur except for #1. Firstly if it doesn't engage third gear while parked it likely won't engage third while driving. The description says on the road it's okay. Secondly if someone is in this forum asking the why they most likely won't know the how. Telling him to adjust shift cables is entering dangerous territory. Better to have a qualified tech look at the car and make the call as stated in my first post.

posted by  vwhobo

Engine will not hold any vehicle on a hill, any engine will slowly spin and the vehicle will roll down hill. Use the parking brake, that is what it is for.

posted by  crash8168

You are correct stating that you should use the parking brake. You are incorrect stating that "Engine will not hold any vehicle on a hill, any engine will slowly spin and the vehicle will roll down hill." While it may be a safe rule of thumb a blanket statement such as that doesn't hold water.

posted by  vwhobo

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