Ugly gauge overlays in my Civic! HELP!!

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so i just got this 2001 civic. i love it and the price was right. however, a previous owner had installed some wicked ugly gauge overlays with japanese writing on them. the gauges work fine, but how do i get rid of the faces? if i have a shop take them off will the originals be underneath? someone at Light Speed in St.Louis told me that they would be, but how do you know? is there a way to tell without tearing apart the dash? and, if they aren't under there, where do i get some decent replacements that aren't flashy, maybe even factory? so many questions!! i really don't want to pay a guy hella money to get in there and find out i have to buy something else. all i can find on ebay is "reverse glow" gauge faces.
Please HELP!! anything would be greatly appreciated!

posted by  mab42c

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