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Do they give any preformance to the car or just a looks.. I though some of them have specific shape that may push the wind more suffently?

posted by  mumin

mostly looks on the cheaper ones, the more expensive carbon fiber and erebuni ones reduce weight and improve aerodynamics of the car making it perform better at higher speeds.

posted by  Import-tuner

Actually they do not increase aero dynamics. They reduce aero dynamics. They just force air around the car vs. under it which will allow for greater traction and higher speeds. There is a difference.

They don't reduce weight either, bumper covers are made of plastic as it is, what are you going to drop? 2 ounces? They could easily increase the weight of the vehicle, with the side skirts, and over-sized front air dam and rear spoiler.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

when i said reduce weight i was talking about the complete carbon fiber kits for about $15,000 not $500. that replaces Front Bumper Spoiler (With Carbon Lip), Head Lamp Kit, Front Fender Kit, Rear Fender Kit, Side Step, Door Panel Set, Rear Gate, Rear Wing, Rear Bumper Spoiler, Aero Bonnet, and Aero Mirror.

posted by  Import-tuner

If forcing air around the car is preferred then this would be considered "increased Aerodynamics" Not only that body kits reduce drag from air or lowers air resistance which will then increase speed. Bodykits also minimize how much air travels under the car, more air under the car means increased lift which makes the car less stable. The main considerations in aerodynamics are reducing drag, to increase top speed and fuel efficiency, and increasing downforce, so that the car has more grip when cornering. Body kits also reduce frontal pressure, flow detachment, and increas downforce.sry 88GrandPrixSE i didnt really think a longer description was needed.

posted by  Import-tuner

No, good body kits will often increase drag. The main purpose of a bodykit is downforce, not increased top speed .... much like slick tyres are for more grip not more speed.

If you wanted a body kit for top speed performance, it would look totally different to one for downforce. For example, it wouldn't need a rear spoiler, or a wing-shaped front spoiler. It would be all smooth at the front to divert all the air around the car without pushing more weight down on the wheels.

Downforce will increase acceleration, but not top speed.

posted by  windsonian

Exactly, you can't increase aero dynamics by adding more to a car, you want to take some off if you want to increase aero dynamics. Ground FX kits have a flat air-dam, and last time I checked flat surfaces aren't very aerydynamic. The pointed stock bumper of a car is more aerodynamic.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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