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Alright, I have a 2000 v6. I have a couple questions on supercharging it. First off, I'm probably not going to turbo it cuz it cost too much and its a lot more complicated.

What kind of supercharger should I get? (price,brand etc.)
Would I have to get new suspension, brakes or anything else modified along with the supercharcher?
What else would I need to get(if so)?
Should I consult my warranty and see if it would still cover it?

Just for your information, I'm sticking with the v6 and fixing it up because a lot of people respond with the "save up for the gt". I cant pay for that insurance and a supercharged v6 would be better then a gt.

posted by  adidasscr7

turbo is normally cheaper. you dont need to change you suspension or brakes but it would allow the higher performance car handle better.

posted by  Import-tuner

I thought that a turbo kit would be about 8k when superchargers are only 2500 and should i change suspension/brakes and how much do u think all of this would cost.

- can my mechanic do all of this easily?

posted by  adidasscr7

i will answer your question tomorrow,im on a lap top and its really pissing me off, sry about that. later

posted by  Import-tuner

not all turbo kits are 8k, a miata's complete kit from greddy is something like 1400. Superchargers have some benefits over turbo, and turbos have some benefits over superchargers. it all depends on your preference. Haven't heard of many turbocharged mustangs though.....

The supercharger will have almost nothing to do with the suspension/brakes, but the higher amounts of pressure in the engine require things such as new piston heads, preferably a new exhaust, etc. etc. you don't need to replace the suspension/brakes though. I'll let someone else handle this question, as I only really know about turbochargers, not superchargers, but here's a tuner step by step process to make your V6 fast without buying a supercharger.

Compliments go to one 'snakebitescarlimited' on another forum.
Here are the upgrades that would go well with your 3.8L V6 pony…

1. K&N or March Performance induction system: Even if you decide to keep your car stock, at the very least ditch the OEM paper filter for a free flowing oil coated K&N or MP filter. These are washable and reusable for up to 25 times and/or 10 years. The best part is that either will fit directly without any hassle. My suggestion is to get one of the complete system kits, such as the Typhoon or Gen II type.

2. BBK Throttle Body: If you’re upgrading your induction and MAF meter, then you’ll need to replace your stock throttle body for everything to work properly. BBK now supplies bigger diameter bodies for the V6s. This will contribute towards optimum performance and airflow. Like with the 5.0L and 4.6L applications, these units are a direct bolt-in replacement for factory settings.

3. Motorvator Throttle Body Spacer: When you’re ditching your stock throttle body for the BBK Power Plus or similar unit, you’ll need a spacer to fit between it and the intake manifold. Although not all spacers are equal, the Motorvator supplies spacers that are tailored to work with the BBKs on the 3.8L V6s.

4. MAC Shorty Headers: These headers are roughly about 1 5/8-inch in diameter made of grea quality and feature laser cut flanges. These bolt on directly in the place of the stock ones and already come with all the mounting hardware.

5. MAC V6 H-Pipe: Besides headers and catbacks, MAC also offers V6 specific h-pipe assemblies designed to go with their headers and muffler kits. It is a great idea to replace the stock Y-pipe on these cars. (My buddy, Texas Pete did a similar setup to this V6 Mustang one by the way on his V6 Explorer Sport SUV) And just like with the headers, these include the mounting hardware and bolt directly to the stock setup.

6. MagnaFlow Catback/Exhaust System: For the 99-04 pony owners, another great direct-fit replacement catback exhaust is from MagnaFlow. T-304 aircraft quality stainless steel, is by far one of the prettiest and most durable exhaust systems to date. This alone will drop an additional 20-horsepower alone.

7. SuperSix Motorsports Heads: Comapred to 5.0L and 4.6L Stangs, there really isn’t a great deal of replacement cylinder heads for V6 Mustangs. These Superheads feature 1.85-inch and 1.55-inch intake and exhaust valves, respectively, and also feature race-quality retainers, springs and locks. These heads will only become beneficial if you plan to put in a supercharger into the car though.

8. ASP Underdrive Pulleys: One of the time-honored tuning tricks to boost power is installing underdrive pulleys to slow the turning speed of the engine accessories. Like their V8 counterparts, V6 Mustangs respond well to these relatively cheap and easy bolt-ons. ASP supplies replacement crank, water pump and alternator replacement pulleys, either separately or in sets. I personally would suggest buying these in sets, saves you money in the long run. Do remember one thing, that 3-piece pulley kits aren’t often recommended on regularly driven cars using stock-charging systems for the slower turning speed of the alternator can cause hard starting problems which won’t do you well come damp and cold weather conditions.

9. MSD Ignition/Plasma Booster Ignition: In order to make our precious engines crank into action, you’ll need the three combined elements of air, fuel and spark. Where the latter in concerned, the stock wireless ignition takes a rather long time to distribute voltage to the plugs. I won’t make this one long for the fact that common sense comes to this step. Bottom line, this allows for more complete combustion and hence increased power and torque. Best of all, it’s 50-state certified and emissions legal.

10. Ford Intake Manifold: By far a very effective modification for the V6 ponies is to swap the stock intake for the newer split-port piece. You can easily buy these over the counter at your local Ford dealer (since they’re stock parts). For a little extra vroooom, send it down to SuperSix and these guys will custom port it for even more power and torque.
11. ATI ProCharger Supercharger: Another popular blower in the 5.0L and 4.6L universe is finally available for the V6 Stangs. There are two different packages; the 7-psi pulley/boost H.O intercooled kit and (my favorite), the 11-psi tuner. The H.O blower is good for around 290-horsepower, while the tuner is good for 345 Porsche-ass-whooping horses.

12. FordChip: This is one of many companies that provide electronic tuning to owners of V6 Mustangs. Through their home site (, they offer a range of different chips for these V6 cars under their FShip banner. DiabloSport may be the one that is currently featured in the media hype for Mustangs and other wicked cars (even a Porsche application is available), but if you’re on a budget, FordChip or even JDM are the best choices. Same thing and also easier on your wallet.

Your total horsepower output for the new V6 demon: 370 to 390-Horsepower!

In closing, let me get to the real facts that most of you would rather hear. This setup has taken the V6s that would normally run ¼-mile times in the 15-second times to blistering mid 11-second times (when professionally installed). At least it is the feedback that I have received from previous Ford Mustang clients that have come to me later with their six-banger cars.

Note: simply by doing the upgrades listed from 1 to 6 alone will jump you up an additional 45 to 80 horses depending who you go with. It is inexpensive and yet decent enough for a daily driver. If you’re like me, (assuming I had the V6), then 1 to 12 is the way to go. It’s up to you whether you want to be stomping Hondas or making Porsches eat your dust. Whichever way you go, God speed my fellow Mustang Frat Brother.

Mr. Mustang
(Nickname at the Ford dealership)

posted by  Godlaus

Turbos are more complicated to install, but are more effective, also less reliable. I'd say go with a supercharger, but that's just my personal prefference.

You don't have to change the suspension or brakes if you don't want, doesn't matter, but if you do that, you might as well just sell your car and get a V8 4.6 model. You won't even need to change the suspension or brakes with one of them, and you may not even want to supercharge it with the extra power it makes, it will make more than the supercharged V6 would make, and it would last longer too.

That's my suggestion before you go and put 5 grand into the car, sell the V6 and use the money you were going to spend on a supercharger/suspension/handling for a V8, it'd be quite a bit cheaper in the end, and for a better car :thumbs:

But if you want to upgrade the suspension/brakes, that can be very expensive depending on what you do. If you want a complete upgrade for your brakes including new lines, calipers and rotors, that could easily put you down well past $1500. Suspension can put you down even more depending on what you do also, for just a lowering spring kit, about $200-$300, but as most people are led to believe, just lowering the car (by using just springs) doesn't improve handeling at all, and can actually hurt it, it's just for looks. If you want to go all out and get new shocks/struts and springs, depending on what you get, very cheapest you'll do it for is about $1200. All the way up to your pocket books limits. Remember, this is all just parts, not including labour, labour can be just as costly as parts in some cases.

That is why I say go get yourself a V8 car, the have a better motor, better suspension and better brakes stock, and will probably be cheaper for you.

Hope that helps.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

That's a fairly adventurous statement and something I would like to see quantified. I assume this bloke has dyno tested each stage to verify the gains?

posted by  Wally

Indeed, I call BS on that.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

So if i turbo the v6...

-would it be better
-what turbo
-what other things would i hafta do
-price range?

posted by  adidasscr7

No, but he claims to have done 1-12 on a V8 mustang. I imagine he dynoed after 1-12. Still good upgrade advice for a v6 stang, though.

posted by  Godlaus


what supercharger should i get?? price???
what other things should i do to my car before and after for better performance??? price???

posted by  adidasscr7

errr... Did you miss all that I posted above? The ATI procharger is a recommended supercharger by a guy that actually sells and tunes mustangs. Price = around 3k

other than that, follow #'s 1-6. That should ring up around 1-1.5k

posted by  Godlaus

first of all ,i will run a porche awd up against that kid killer no traction mustang does NOT stomp on porches.the porch 930 turbo if you hop it up will eat a mustang for breakfast.TWIN turbo is really the way to go if you do not want to scrifice bandwidth.mustangs kill more people every year than other sports cars.they are dangerous .i would rather drive a nitrous jap box anyday.the other thing is the transmission will pack it in.they are not like the old c6. for a real rip try a viper.i sold vipers for 6 years .the hennesy 800 hp is not much faster than the stock one.which is 505. 0-60
in 3.9 seconds. the 230 hp srt4 is 0-60 in 5 seconds and with 300 hp kit it will
MUSCLE CARS FROM THE 60S ,COULDNT HANDLE WORTH SHIT .BIAS PLY TIRES AND ALL.i had a 1966 350 rocket cutlass 375 hp.the car was dangerous
,didnt handle worth these mustang freaks,please....when the last time you skid tested over 1 g on the lateral pad ? and oh,what about that new bad boy porche?

posted by  the lobster

Based on your grammer, I have to say that you never sold vipers, nor do you know anyhting about them.

Secondly, you put maybe 10 grand tops into this 11 second 6 banger mustang, and you are still 40 grand les than a boxster. Price is the key here, and it kills MOST of the porsches on the road. of course it won't kill a GT2 or 911 turbo, but it's way cheaper.


What the hell are you talking about? We're talking straight line, not handling!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats because there are so many of them. Moron. The camry is the most stolen car in america, but thats becasue there are soooooo many of them. Look beyond the facts.

Mustangs can destroy a porsche provided its tuned enough.

posted by  Godlaus

I'd give you the number my self but I'm not at the shop right now. I know thay make a smaller kit for you're aplication, but I don't know the cost. You can buy them through summit, jegs, direct, or go to my web site, I retail them as well.

You minght be able to run 5-6 psi of boost before you see "pre-ignition" on pump gas. That year engine runs 9:01.

For the record...
Turbos are relyable, and thay are more work to set up...


posted by  dsiENGINES

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