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All relays are "clicking" during the starter turning and engine not started. Sometimes if I exchange their positions or disconnect the batery for a few minutes, aftert that the engine is started. Can somebody give me idea where is the problem. The mileage of vechicle is about 140000 miles.
Thank You...

posted by  Rado

its your fuel pump.intrepids are famous for that

posted by  the lobster

Thank you, lobster! I'm very glad to recieve any advise, I'm brand :-) new here and this is also my first american car. There is big possibality about the fuel pump, but when I'm turning the starter key, I can listening the sound from the pump. I'm afraid that is maybe some like "cutting relay" from gear box. Automatic gear box is something new for me, but I marked that the engine can't be started if the gear liver is on different position as "park" or "neutral". It must be some sensor for it, isn't it? Do you now where is it located? I can do some jobs about the cars and I like it. I had replaced for exsample the motor head gascket and timing belt, some another parts also, but the electronic things are litlle dificuilt for me. Sorry for my bad english, I am a bulgarian and I still studdy your language.
Have a nice day, lobster :thumbs:

posted by  Rado

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