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I have a 97 Corolla 1.6L I was wondering if I could get another engine for my corolla or anything that can increase the power A lot. Any suggestion will help thank you.

posted by  kahduman

There are lots of dedicated Rolla forums where you can find out the best solution for your budget. This is a reasonable site and they should be able to help, if not direct you elsewhere http://www.toymods.org.au/, but be warned Oz sites have members that speak their mind.

If you are fair dinkum consider a 4AGZE and maybe a New Zealand site to find out what's possible. Here is an Oz one I snapped off Google http://www.4age.net/visitors/

posted by  Wally

If the car is not being registered for street service, this is good. If the car is being registered to operate on the streets, the Feds frown on doing anything with the car causing it not to comply with emmissions standards for the year the car was built. Many locations (including the one where I live) require emmissions testing each year before buying license tags for the car

posted by  tbaxleyjr

i have the same car as you.you have a 4afe engine.1.6 dohc.toyota has modified these to produce over 300 horsepower in the little go cart type things that they are racing.the best thing for this engine is a turbo.that should up the hp to about 180 with 14 lbs of boost.a 97 corolla weighs 1006 kg curb weight .it should just fly.the other thing to worry about is the driveline.an oversized tranny cooler and a couple of other things will be nessecary.the stock compression is 10 to 1 .a turbo is nice as it will double the torque. the new 170 hp toyota engine is 127 lbs of torque only and the hp is rated at 7600 rpm,a really high number .turbocharging a 4AFE engine should give around 200 ft lbs of torque.with 180 hp the car should do 60 mph in under 5 seconds. have fun

posted by  the lobster

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