weird starting problem misleading tests.

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well i just took 1 hour to diagnose a starting problem.
starter just clicks really fast.

test 1 voltage test> 10.5 volts.. conclusion battery dead
test 2 voltage during crank> 5.5 volts .. conclusion battery dead
test 3 jump starting> failed! volts from good car 14.4 with car running. volts at dead car same.
after test 3 i was confused. jump starting with known good battery failing made my first 2 tests questionable.

voltage drop during cranking > .3 volts.
okay... now jump starting wires from good car directly to starter and ground bypassing wire from B+ to starter. Car starts!!

so after this i said battery wire to starter is no good. i was going to drive to autoparts store and get a new one, then i hesitated and tested one more regular jump start. car starts!!

hmm added up the test results
3 tests says bad battery
2 tests says bad battery cable.

I went and bought a new battery and it was the correct choice.. hmm over thinking the problem and running too many tests confused me. anyways i just wanted to share this problem.

my theory is i did the first jump start incorrectly?? but wat are the chances???

posted by  thongsai

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