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I request one thing first of all don't flame about anything I post because it's quite annoying, but anyways, My car is having many problems with the transmission, We've worked on it quite a bit but haven't found a thing, My mother beleived it was a good Idea to change the transmission fluid...maybe it is I don't know but I have a strong feeling it had something to do with this. About 2 days after they changed the fluid, the car began to run between 3,000 and 4,000 rpms before shifting from first gear, It was fine after first gear unless(just to not be called an idiot, I normally don't do this only reason I did is because I was trying to see if the transmission was slipping), anyways The only time it messes up once out of third gear is if you push the gas down about 75% of the way or farther in which it will pause then the rpms will shoot up to like 6,000, It has been getting worse and worse day after day and I've now stopped driving it but last I drove it unless I barely touched the gas it would actually redline before shifting from third gear, anymore information needed please tell me, Help if you can, don't flame if you can't thanks guys

posted by  zoomo

It sounds like there is a problem with your driving mechanism. It should not do that. ::flame::

posted by  BavarianWheels

Okay, no flames. Your transmission isn't working right, that's what my mom says. 8) How was that? And just for the record I find you quite annoying.

posted by  vwhobo

Is your mum a mechanic?

Yes go to 1
No go to 2

1) if your mums a mechanic find another one.

2) if your mums not a mechanic find someone who is and show them.


posted by  stringer001

sorry man, im proud of your mum for putting in her ideas and you being bold enough to give her a try and check with others. well done.

im hoping you dont have to get your gearbox rebuilt but mabey you might.

posted by  stringer001

Changing tranny fluid every 30,000 miles. Good idea.
Changing tranny fluid in a car that is starting to develop shifting /slipping problems. Bad idea.

I don’t know the history of your car as I am new here, but I will tell you the common story.

Guy with 130,000 mile car, “my tranny is starting to slip.”
Well meaning person, “maybe you should change the dirty fluid and change the filter”
Guy, “good idea.”

2 hours and 3 beers later…
Guy, “my tranny is slipping.”
Person, “did you change the fluid?”
Guy, “yep”
Person, “that sucks, sorry.”

Was the well meaning person wrong? No. you need to change your tranny fluid.
Was it going to solve your problem of the slipping tranny? No. your tranny was already dead.

The reason the sudden death occurred?
The old dirty fluid had particles of the friction disk suspended it in. Making it have friction properties, allowing the clutch packs to hold.
Once clean fluid was in there the clutch packs couldn’t hold the torque and would start to slip.
After they start to slip the fiber becomes hot from friction and either totally comes apart or glazes over. Resulting in complete slippage. You may be able to drive a little bit longer if you use Chrysler type 4 or Hyundai tranny fluid as they both have friction qualities.

Since your tranny has a lot of it’s functions controlled by a computer it is possible that there is a sensor or electric-mechanical malfunction. But from your complaint I would suspect that is not the case.

What’s worse is Saturn and Hyundai are the only cars I have ever seen with a spin on tranny filter, making it very easy to do an oil change.

What a shame people do not keep up with their regular maintenance.

good luck


posted by  buddycraigg

Well I bought my car used a while back so I really couldn't keep up the maintenance on it cause it had 200k miles on it, and I think that it may have something to do with my cruise control because it stopped working, and some said that it can mess with your shift timiing, so I'm gonna check that out, but for history on the car, it ran great up until they changed the fluid, never had a problem with it, but once they chagned the fluid it started this shit, and just for my own dignity, I had drove our other car to work one day and left mine at home, My mom calls me two hours later and says she's gonna let her boyfriend chagne the fluid, i'm like "WHAT, dont change the fluid on taht, do you realize how many metal shavigns are going to be in a car with that many miles on it, my transmission won't last a week" she says "ok We won't do it"...6 hours later I come home, "guess what we did john, changed the transmission fluid"...2 days later car starts fucking up and her boyfriend says it's my fault...ya....

posted by  zoomo

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