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I recently bought a 1992 Ford Tempo 2.3L from a friend for $200. It has 134000 miles on it. I figured I could fix the problems and sell it for a higher price ($400?). So I need help. My problems are:

1) The car idles high when in park. When I am driving, the car idles at 36mph with my foot not even touching the gas.

2) The power locks only work on the driver's side. (From what I gather, I think this is a problem with the fuses? I don't know where the fuse box is on this car.)

3) The rear passenger side door doesn't open.

Other than that, the car is in good condition, nice interior. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  Pmutch

The high idling sounds like the carburator needs to be adjusted.The fuses? not too sure I'd recommend spending a few bucks and getting a manual for the car (it will help a lot).The door....my car did this and it was b/c the latch itself wasn't catching properly on the inside of the door.I hope this was at least some sort of help to you.

posted by  AHCDirtyGirl

how'd you fix it?

posted by  Pmutch

You can replace the latch in the door, but unless you fix the door pins it isn't going to do you any good.

I had one of these cars and ended up junking it. It cost a lot to fix it every year. It wouldn't be worth for you to fix it you are going to end up paying more to fix it then you are planning on getting out of it. This car was one of the worse cars I had ever owned. Ford screwed up majorly when making this one.

posted by  eagle658

the high idle may very well be the idle air control motor (sorry, no carb here...) read the instructions for the new motor if you put one in, as some aftermarket replacements mount "backwards" from the original and ,if erroneously mounted in the same position as the original, don't seem to fix the problem. as far as the locks, if they don't even twitch on the pass. side, check for power to the servos when pushing the button (might need an analog VOM or a noid light for that)

posted by  dodger65

if the car is fuel injected,and the temp sensor tells the computer the car is still cold ,that could be it .

posted by  the lobster

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