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Hi I have a 1998 Olds Bravada that just went beserk on me. I just started it and all of the guages went to zero and all of the warning light went nuts and then the check engine light came on. We went in with a scanner and the following codes came up P0740, P0785, and P1860. We have not been able to determine what the 1860 code is other then it goes with the transmission. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me any advice on this.

posted by  Debby

the chevy book i have is telling me code po740 and p1860
has to do with the torque converter clucth system p1860 is torque coverter clutch pulse width modulator solinoid ciruit dont have listing for po785 but got po758 it had to do with tranny as well 2-3 shift solinoid i'm not a tranny man so thats all i can help you with

posted by  osborste

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