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ok, i just bought a 1994 honda del sol si. It has 158k. Anyways the guy said it does not run and does not know the problem. When i emptied out the used oilo there was about a half a quart. So i filled it up, put on a new filter, bought a new batterry, cleaned the sparkplugs off because 2 of them were not screwed in tight and scummy. Now i got the thing to start and there is a loud noise which sounds like a rod whipping around under the hood. So i assuming i blew a rod. What i am wondering is what you think the problem is and what are some options to solve this. Like a rebuild or just a whole new motor. And if i buy a new motor do i need a short block or longblock. I am pretty new in the car scene but just wanna get this running for as cheap as i can. Let me know some prices or any info you know. All help is apprecitaed

posted by  diehonda

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