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hey guys, i saw about on the 5th page about a 95 accord that has a problem that is almost if not just like mine but i was not sure if it was the same thing, so i desided to post my own thread to see what feed back i can get.

i bought a 1993 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder 3 days ago, and what i noticed is that the thermostat where it says C and H seems to start trippin out..after i drive it for a while it seems to stay Normal, a little less then half way between the C and H mark, but if im at a red light, i notice that the needle starts to slowly go to the Hot mode, but once i take off again it goes back to normal a little less then half way of the C and H( i guess cuz the fan cools it). also i stop to check under my car to see if the raditor is leaking but i dont see anything. 2 nights ago after runnin my car about 70 miles on the free way i noticed that as soon as i got off the free way the needle started going to Hot and never went down, lucky i didnt live far away, then again, it never did get all the way into the H section, after i got out my car the hood was making some sort of SSSSSSSSSSS sound. so i puted more water into the raditor untill it filled up and i took it for another test drive hiting 75 miles and the car seemed normal today. but should i get it checked? or can someone tell me what the problem is here? im worried becuase on weekends i travel 61 miles to see my girlfriend ( i havent tryed to go in my accord yet)..please excuss me for my n00b question, im only 17 and i never paid attention in mcanic class...its a standard car

posted by  spre187

temp guage c to h, ssssss sound is leaking steam/fluid, get the rad system pressure tested to check for leaks. also if system has no leaks, radiator could be clogged from time and milage. then check for proper operation of the radiator fan and the a/c fan. the motors will quit working at some time. mine died 2 years ago on the 90 accord w/115k mi.

posted by  doug wong

its normal for the temperature to fluctuate a little .when you idle ,it gets less air,eventually when the temp gets to 100c or so,the fan will come on.the thermostat has a temp rating,185 190 etc.make sure its right.the honda engine is aluminum block and heads.the temp will move more than a cast iron block,but will also cool faster.if you have an air lock,you can get some wierd
noises after you shut it off.honda uses a reserve tank for the cooling system,if the tank or any other component has a crack,it will draw in air.
at lower speeds,the air can cause real problems.check the hose coming out
of the water pump,make sure it does not collapse or get really soft at idle,if it does your water pump might be bad .i think the sensor on the honda is next to the water pump,and can cause erratic readings.check the wire going to the sensor.honda water pumps have a small hole on the bottom.if there is
water coming out,(seeping)the pump is leaking inside.the radiator is a hybrid construction and are known to leak too......

posted by  the lobster

thanks for the feedback guys..but all i seemed to do was feel the raditor with water and the needle hassent been going nuts...so i guess when i bought it it had very litle or no water whatsoever so thats probly why it did what it did...if it does it again ill make sure to check the things yall said...but now theres another problem....after i turn the car on at my house..i leave it runnin and about 2 minutes later i look at my mufler and little black smoke seems to be coming out...not all hardcore like a dark cloud, but light smoke comes out and you can see it...what does my car need? any help pleasE? thanks

posted by  spre187

Dude, I Just Had The Same Problem!
What Turned Out To Be Werer The Head Gaskets, Water Was Leaking Into The Engine! I Bet Engine Shakes Alittle.

posted by  joeuclaec

if its black,its because the fuel air mix is on the rich side.it goes away after a few moments.if the head gasket is gone you will have water vapor in the exhaust.if you are not losing any water,it is not a head gasket.check your spark plugs,wires rotor and cap if applicable ,some older hondas had carburators with manual chokes.i think the 93 is fuel injectors.check your air cleaner and make sure the throttle body is clean.

posted by  the lobster

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