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First of all, excuse my ignorance. I will honestly say I know nothing about cars.

I own an automatic 1999 Mazda Protege.

My check engine light has come on 3 times since I bought my car. Once, it needed some oxygen sensor (?) that the dealer paid for, so I don't really know much about. The second time it came on, my boyfriend was installing speakers in my car in which he had the doors open for a very long time and my battery died. When he jumped my battery, my check engine light never came back on.

Now it is came back on again tonight. I noticed that while I was driving, no washer fluid was coming out (it's empty apparently lol).

Now, my ridiculous question .. I haven't added more washer fluid yet. Is it possible that my check engine light is on because I need washer fluid?
I have asked 2 people and they both told me no, it's gotta be something else. One is pretty good with cars and the other doesn't know much.

Is it possible?

Thank youuu


posted by  speciaLkeL

Nope, usually the car has another light for washer fluid. Go get the car scanned by a mechanic.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Then wouldn't my washer fluid light be on since I am out of it?

The Check Engine light is the only one on...

Thanks for replying

posted by  speciaLkeL

I don't know much about Mazda's but maybe they don't have a low washer fluid light. I would suggest getting it scanned by a mechanic.

You could always go fill it up.. a 4L jug of washer fluid is $1.67 at wal-mart.. so it's cheap. Then you'll know for sure..

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

see the above ....

posted by  the lobster

hi kelly
even in advanced modern cars many manufacturers decide not to put low windscreen wash fluid lights in. I can only presume this is because quite a few people drive around with no fluid in there. It does sound as though it would be something wrong with the engine, or you have a faulty connection between the engine light and the battery (and/or anything in between) either way your best bet is to get a mechanic to check it over as it could be quite serious

posted by  Jack05

pull the codes or have some pull the codes with a scanner and use it a starting point to do a good diagnosis before shooting in the dark @ a target you cant see.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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