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I have a 1995 Buick Lesabre custom that has been giving me MANY problems. Currently, i need to jumpstart it everyday. This gets rather annoying. I don't leave any lights or electronics on (that i know of). The check engine light is on, but the car drives fine. Occasionally the ABS will kick in even on dry roads when i first depress the brake, but if i pump it once, they are fine and act normally. Also, my radio antenna won't always extend up (but if i take a pair of pliers and pull a bit, it comes up fine). Also, when it idles, it seems to pulsate. it doesn't stall though. I have checked the battery and the alternator, both are working fine. Also, if it is over 40 degrees, it doesn't seem to go dead as often. It takes about 4 hours now for the battery to go flat. So now, before i go to bed, i attach a 2amp trickle charger to the battery and in the morning it starts fine. Does anybody have a clue what might possibly be wrong? I took it to AutoZone to have the checkengine light checked, and their tester would NOT test it. I was told that it is an older car with a newer plug. they basically told me that anything newer or older than 1995 could be tested, but i had to find 1 specific tester for the 1995 Buick Lesabre custom. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

posted by  lamoka_bob

it sounds like some sort of problem in the computer to me... take it to a dealership and get them to run the scanner on it to see if any codes come up.

posted by  shaun_300

put a current meter in series with your battery.note the current draw.probably in the 1-2 amp range. start pulling fuses out of different circuits until the draw goes down.the power antenna ,which shuts off by a limit switch could be doing it.if your stereo has an outboard power amp,its control voltage is in parallel with the power antenna.you could have load level suspension,which will run with the ignition off.something is drawing current ,and if you disconnect various circuits,you will find the rail that is pulling it down.this type of problem will not trip an error code unless the current drain is really high.let me know how you do.......lobster also,take the light out of the interior,you could have a bad door switch.my olds has 7 lights in the interior.maybe a door lock actuator is sticking .something is pulling some current....

posted by  the lobster

There is no special tester required for a 1995 LeSabre. If the underhood sticker says OBD2 compliant, the standard SAE 16 pin connector and OBD2 scan tool will work. If the sticker does not say OBD2 compliant and he car has the 16 pin connector, jumper terminals 5 and 6 with engine on and read the codes through the check engine light (codes will be pre OBD2 codes) If the car has the 12 pin ALDL connector, jumper A and B with engine on. A good shop manual will guide you through this process.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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