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Hello everyone my name is Ramon (Kloud13 here) and am a massage therapist trying to work on cars.

Right now I own a 1994 Nissan Maxima, its a v6 w/ power steering. and that is the problem right now. I know where it leaks (I was told its at the high pressure hose, damned if i know if he was right), I know what the part looks like (the hose at the metal part at the upper left hand part of the car is cracking), and I know when it leaks (whenever I turn the wheels).

I don't know how to replace the damn thing! I don't have money to pay anyone else to do it, but I do have the money to buy the part. I even purchased the chilton book (nissan maxima repair 93-96, something like that). All that told me what to do was replace the power steering pump.

Now I can replace my own brakes, change the oil and fix my power windows....am I in over my head with this? Where can I go to get a better picture of how the damn hose is running 'in there' and how to remove and replace it?

posted by  Kloud13

autozone.com online repair manual might have pics and instuctions

posted by  osborste

go to nissan and ask them if you can get a copy from their manual.the hoses are under very high pressure and you have to be very careful that you do not get ANY dirt in the system,when you change it.if you get dirt in the power steering,which is rack and pinion,and you ruin the rack,might as well write off the car.i would get ahold of a local school for auto repair,and ask how much they want to do it.if you attempt this yourself,clean the entire area around with solvent before removing the hose.they utilize special fittings,and make sure you do not create any burrs..... best of luck

posted by  the lobster

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