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I got this very strange problem with my speakers. I had old speakers in my car, and I bought a new cd player with sub woofer + amp, not long after I installed it this problem started, dunno if its related to the things I installed or its just like that. My right front spekaer on the passengers door and my left tweeter are BEEPING all the time! Not when the CD player is off though, and when it changes songs, when it has the little pause of 1-2 secs between the songs it stops beeping, then when the song starts it starts beeping. I can still hear the music, its not beeping so much, but its beeping enough to drive me crazy and I can hear it. Also its not beeping when I put the volume to "0", as long as I turn it at volume "1" it starts beeping. The beeping is not higher as I turn the volume up, its just the same all the time. I thought the speakers were the problem, so I bought new ones, installed them and it does the same thing! I checked all the wires to my cd player, they are all well connected, I also changed the wires to my speaker that is beeping, I put brand new ones, and its still doing it! I think I tried everything and the problem is still there, can anyone help me?!

posted by  Mrcho

what kind of car/eng size and all that other stuff that is covered under "YOU AND POSTING" sticky

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

make sure if you have tweeters that are not driven with a bi amp set up that you have filter caps in series with keeps out the low end it can cause a frapping noise in sync with bass they are 2.2 to 4.7 mf bi polar caps

posted by  the lobster

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