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I have a very loud chirping sound from my engine. I disconnected the belt to take waterpump and alternator and fan out of the equation. It is a manual transmission, however when I step on clutch it has no effect on chirping. So I think that would take out the throwout bearing. The chirping increases with rpm of engine. Any ideas?

posted by  billhewitt

Hi, try useing a long screwdriver to listen with on your valve covers ,could be a push rod or rocker arm, hold the screwdriver against the cover and put your ear against the handel of it to listen for the sound. Good luck Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

I had the same thing happen to me I found out that I spun a bearing

posted by  bones74

If it's any consolation, mine's doing that, too (1990). With all the other problems I'm having, I've been ignoring that particular noise. At least yours still starts :wink2:
Post back what it is if you find out. I'm sure it's something else I need to fix on mine once it's started again...

posted by  mrmck

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