2002 Subaru Forrester Clutch Problem?!

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Hello. I am having a problem with my Forrester. I cannot accelerate above 40 miles an hour without the RPM skyrocketing. The engine revs during each shift of the clutch. By the time I'm in 4th gear, the engine is revving a lot and even the slightest pressure n the accelerator makes the RPM go up more. Is this a clutch problem? A transmission problem? There is a wicked bad smell after I am done driving and parked. Any help or suggestions or more questions about the problem would be great. Thanks!

posted by  flight0001

it sounds like your burning your already burnt clutch out, due to either, contamination of the friction material from a seal leak, or the hydraulic system is leaking or you burnt the clutch out from improper use(riding with foot on pedal). sounds like it's time to drop the tranny down and see what happened in there(buy a new clutch while your at it cuz you'll need it), do all the prelimanary checks first, if it has fluid in the reservoir, or if it has cable adjustments or pedal adjustments, but if youve been driving it and you smell the burning it's probably too late to save it.

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