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Two days after I paid the car off, it just so happened it died! It is not turning over at all, no lights are working, even the remote entry to unlock the door has stopped working, the service engine light pulses and that is it. The fuses are all fine and the battery is not dead, so I am looking for any ideas on what to check next and if this is a common problem with this car.

Thanks for any help.

posted by  carsarecrap

get a boost from someone the battery may not have enough amps to make the starter go then check the conections at battery and the starter take a hammer and TAP not beat on the starter might be jammed or bad brushes then you know you might need a starter

posted by  osborste

so I have yet to try that, but have one more thing to add just in case. When the car first died we checked the battery with an ohm meter and it read around 12 volts. Now, a few days later, it is down to about 3 volts. There is a slow drain, soes this change your suggestion?

posted by  carsarecrap

the battery could have a couple of dead cell(s) causeing the drain that why i said to try a boost to see if it will start and the alternater is charging once started the alternater will provide the power to run the car

posted by  osborste

Just kidding, Sounds like your battery is toast, take it out and take it to your local DIY auto store and have it load tested, 80% sure it is bad or you left something on, the blinking and all happens at the vehicles 5.0 volt treshold level. The battery can have 12 volts ok but not have enough load amperage output to start the car, You can't run a starter with a 9 volt dry cell because it will never pass enough currrent.

Be double sure note where the positive and negative terminals are oriented when you remove the battery, sometimes they get put back in backwards and that will pop the main power fuse, it happens more than you would think even by people who get paid to do this.

posted by  tecpro

ford have 72 month warranty. time up. no battery now.

posted by  the lobster

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