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sooooo, i just joined and i have a few questions. i am getting this 98 VW Jetta from this guy for free, even though i can't drive yet (i will in a month). and I would definetly consider myself a noobie with cars. I want to add some modifications/improve the performance. i pretty sure it has low hp and probably low tourqe and i was wondering if you guys knew:

What would be the best way to improve the performance of this car?
How much would it cost?

i dont have alot of money, but i think i can get find a way to pay for stuff that might cost alot.

thanks alot, Matt.

posted by  Matt Waz

I'm here as a noob as well but I think I can say something:). Wil lthat be your first car??? Then don't try too much get it good quality spark plugs and cables. Get new cable that moves the circles inside the engine.. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Just to make sure that car will run stable and drive like you stole it haha..

posted by  mumin

i think your talking about the pistons? im really not sure, i am a newbie, but thanks for the advice and yes it will be my first car. thanks alot.


posted by  Matt Waz

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