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I recently bought a 2003 cavalier(in March)....

I have had absolutley no problems up until now. It seems that my drivers side rear turn signal is no longer functioning. The front drivers side turn signal works fine, but flashes very very fast. When i only have the daytime lights on, there is no light at all on the rear drivers side, but if i have the normal headlights on there is a light there, but no turn signal.

Could this be a fuse problem? or do i need to replace the bulb??

The bulb seems easy enough to replace according to the book, but when i went to take it out, it seems as if though there is something holding it in to place, and it cannot just be rotated and pulled out as the book states.

I know this is a stupid and basic question, but i figured i would ask around before i called the dealer(I do have a warranty)

Thanks for any help

posted by  skullman80

Just replace the bulb. Remove the socket from the housing by turning it counter-clockwise about 1/4 turn. Then the bulb will pop out of the socket with just a tug. Wrap a rag around it in case you squeeze too hard and break it. The part number you need should be a 3157. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

First off sorry about cross posting between forums. I wasnt sure which forum it would get a better response in.

I tried to take it out as the book said which is the same way you described. What the problem is though i feel as though im goin to break it before it pops out, is it supposed to come out easy?

Im just afraid of snapping the socket or breaking it....

Thanks again,

posted by  skullman80

On a new car that hasn't been apart before they can be a little stiff. I don't think you'll break it taking it apart as long as you don't use pliers... Unless you're the Incredible Hulk. ;)

posted by  vwhobo

I just went out and tried it again....it just seems like with any more force its gonna snap or something....

It seems like it is hitting something when im trying to turn it to get it to pop out. I know it shouldnt go a full 360 counter clockwise...but it goes about 1/4 of the way like it should but the stupid thing just wont come out....


posted by  skullman80

I'm really out of options as to how to assist or explain it to you. At this point all I can do is suggest you get some help. If you can wait a few months, my son is moving to Blairesville and will be happy to help.

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah i guess it really can be explained...just need someone to show it to me i guess...

Just hesitant to break anything...

Im due for inspection soon anyways...so maybe ill just have it done then....or I'll just to go the dealer and have them do it...

posted by  skullman80

I too have a 2003 cavalier. The drivers side rear turn signal is out. I have replaced the bulb. I actually removed the light and hooked it to the front as well as the passanger side and the lights work. Nothing works on the drivers side rear. It's like a cable is cut somewhere.

posted by  sparkesw

I also have a 2003 Chev. Cavalier Sport Coupe with turn signal problems.... :banghead: ... First the left rear turn signal quit working at about 10,000mi. I took it to the Dealer and they replaced the bulb. At 20,000 the right rear turn signal quit working. I took it back to the Dealer and they replaced the bulb and the socket. ( I was told "oh ya, we see that alot" :laughing: ) At 30,000mi the left rear turn signal quit again. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the left rear socket.
Now I am an ex-mechanic and I tried briefly to remove the socket my self, (it helps if you unplug the socket first, so it can be turned) Ok, so it turned but it would not come out. Thats where I stoped and took it to the dealer. (If its broke don't try and breake it, is what I say!!)
So in conclusion it would apperar that the Sockets for the rear turn signals are defective, I just hope i'm not going through this every 10,000mi. forever.
NO problems with the front turn signals yet... I'm holding my breath... :banghead:
Hope this helps,

posted by  gilbryans

i've had no problems with my cavalier yet, at 37k miles.. hmm now i know what to expect huh. :cussing:

posted by  Jediah

My 2003 Cavalier has burned out three rear turn signal lamps in the 5 months I have had my car. Here is how to fix the driver's side rear turn signal lamp. Remove the 3 nuts (they aren't true nuts, more like sheet metal formed to look like nuts) that hold in the red plastic lamp assembly. Carefully pull the complete lamp assembly away from the car. Then, carefully lift up the rubber gasket near the area where the lamp socket interferes with the lamp assembly. With the gasket out of the way, there is enough room to rotate the socket and replace the lamp. Reverse the procedure to put it back in. Be careful with the flimsy nuts. By the way, there is a recall on the 2003 Cavaliers because of rear turn signal and brake light problems. Apparently, far too many brake and turn signal lights are not lasting long enough. (National Highway Transportation Safety ID number for this recall is # 04V524. GM recall number is 04083). I will be calling my dealer this week to ask for details. [UPDATE ON 1/7/04 - I called my dealer and GM Customer Service. They say my car has no recalls (checked through my VIN #). Perhaps it should??!! My dealer was nice enough, but doesn' have info on recall 04083. (He has recall numbers before and after 04083, but not that specific recall). GM Customer service had info on the recall, but at first said my car has no recalls because of its VIN, but then admitted to me when I asked about recall 04083, that that number is a valid recall, and that it did not apply to my car, (even though the problem I have is what is described in the recall - minus the interaction with the cruise control). I followed that news up with a complaint at the NHTSA web site. Meanwhile, I have burned out two more driver side rear turn signal lamps since my original December post. That makes 5 lights in 5 months. I am starting to get quite good at replacing that bulb. I carry spares with me wherever I go. I'll try to keep you all posted].

posted by  Roger

Hey guys,

I know i'm about 6 months late on this forum, but I thought I'd share my issue today. I have a 2001 Cav. and my right rear signal just went out. :cussing: I pulled the light and finally got the socket out of the housing. When I got the bulb out, it was full of corrosion. Several people that I have talked to have said that their sockets seemed to be defective also. Just wanted to let anyone know to keep an eye on the signals or keep a spare socket.

Best of luck!!

posted by  bud8racingfan

most recent cavaliers have a recall on them for inop rear turn/brake bulbs. call your local dealer and give them the last eight of the vin # to see if you are eligible. the repair is to check and replace both rear sockets and bulbs at no cost to you.

posted by  DFgerbil

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