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i just picked up a 2001 dodge intrepid and the engine light went on. i bought it back to the dealer i bought it from and he said recieved an eva code (?), which meant it had something to do with the gas. he asked me if i filled it with gas with the engine running and i had. he said that was probably the problem. well it has come on again, and i was just wondering if these intrepids have a reset button that might be somewhere on the car. also, if anyone has any suggestions, i would appreciate it....thanks....nypdwheelman :banghead:

posted by  nypdwheelman

this is going to sound odd but tighten the gas cap or replace it the evap system needs to see low psi in a closed system thats probabely why the service engine light coming on. reset the light by disconnecting the battery for 5 to 10 min reconnect

posted by  osborste

thank you, i appreciate any help i can get and i will buy a new gas cap tomorrow.....thanks again....stay safe....nypdwheelm :thumbs:

posted by  nypdwheelman

What about for the engine light coming on an havibg it checked out an being told that the 1st cylinder spark plug wasnt responding then replacing all 6 in a 2001 dodge intrepid an the engine light still being on? Any suggestions?

rebecca.elkins89   28 Nov 2012 06:10

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