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Hi Guys!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am in San Jose California and I recently bought a Nissan 240SX it's a 1992, Manual transmission, and has some 125K on it. I have been using it since first week of February and it's been working fine except till last week.

I was slowing down to stop at the light and the engine turned off..all the lights on the dashboard came up. I started it and it turned back on no problems I thought I might have slowed down in first gear and let the clutch go unkowingly, and I was also low on gas so I rushed to a gas station close by and filled-up. Since then it's been happening frequently and I am worried about it. I tried to see when exactly it happens and so far it's happened when I have slowed down from a higher speed and shifted from high-gear to a lower gear, the engine would cutoff and the lights on the dashboard would come on...I also realised that my steering becomes a bit stiff and I can't move it that easily (since the power is cut-off to it). Everytime I have been able to restart the car as soon as it has died and I have no problems in restarting.

It's due for an oil-change over a month now and I am planning on taking it to the mechanic for the oil-change and having this problem checked out at the same time. I wanted to get opinions on this forum about what could be the possible causes and the fix. Also if anyone knows any good auto shop in San Jose do let me know, I am new to this area.


posted by  kernel_learner

there is a vacuum controlled servo connected to the linkage on some nissans.it is to reduce the rpm slowly on decelleration.if there is something wrong it could stall,which is what is happening.i would check your air cleaner,
the throttle body,that its clean,and not choking closed,plugs,wires,coil,distributor,rotor,cap.you have a 2.4 l 4 cyl. the spark plug gap and timing are very important,or it will not run.you could also have a plugged catalytic converter.if you slow down ,the backpressure is stalling it.
the pressure dissipates and it starts after it stalls.check all the wires under the hood.the car is 13 years old .

posted by  the lobster

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