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Hi everyone. Very nice to meet all of you and I look forward to hearing from any of you!

My 1997 Eagle Talon is having a problem. In driving, it shows itself through a thumping sound that is coming from the passenger rear tire. It seems to drive fine except for the thumping sound (which is not necessarily consistent). When I took a look underneath the car, I found that the axel was wet on the passenger side (not on driver's side). I then noticed a leak by the tire that was dripping down to the ground. I have been doing some research online and I can't find anything about what fluid may be back there. I assumed break fluid but the issue is not just when you hit the brakes or anything.

I appreciate all/any help. I will answer any questions about information I may have left out as quickly as possible. I have an appointment to take the car into a dealer next week but am starting to think it may be better to know what is going on before handing the car over ;) Thanks again.

posted by  jp9219

the only fluid that could be leaking is brake or gas look at the inside of the wheel rim and backing plate for drum brakes or disks dust shield for disk brakes(fuel leaks you would be able to smell gas) the thumping noise could be loose brake shoe(broken hold down clip)or strut worn out or bushing worn out. last min thought check the strut that is posable to leak on bumps forcing fluid(oil) out through the seal

posted by  osborste

Just put my hand on the fluid and smelled...definitely not gas. If this is brake fluid, is there an easy way to find where it may be leaking (or should I leave that to the dealer)? Also, if I take the tire off and take a look, what sort of things should I be looking for (broken clip)?

posted by  jp9219

i'm suspecting a bad strut your car 8yrs old if they are original struts they are due for a change bounce the back end press down and up you might make the thumping noise you hear or hear spirting oil from strut if your brake pedal if firm doesn't travel to the floor while pressing on it it might just sweat(small amount of brake fluid)maybe a loose fitting at the wheel cylinder or caliper(does the car have drum or disk brakes on the back) to check for broken hardware take the tire off remove the brake drum for drum brakes might be tight to remove you can TAP with a hammer side to side on the back edge to try and walk the drum off the shoe's

posted by  osborste

if you have 4 wheel disc brakes,(standard on the 2.0 turbo) take a look at the piston that moves the pads in toward the disc.check your brake fluid.is it down some?chances are that it is brake fluid.if the strut is leaking,it will be obvious as to what the problem is.if you have rear drum brakes,you will see something that looks bowl shaped that goes over the wheel nuts.remove that,inside is a cylinder that moves the shoes out.,it could be leaking.ALSO,the talon was made in an all wheel drive.if you have a bad axle seal on the rear,that could be the trouble.if you have a FWD that will not apply.if you have lost enough wheel bearing grease that it dripping out,i would not drive it at any speed over 50 kmh,and towing might be a better idea. OSBORSTE had some good ideas about to take the drum off.they seem like they are stuck ,once the drum wears a little .

posted by  the lobster

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