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I have a 95 honda civic dx, as in no rear speakers. I just recently cut the holes to place the speakers in and wired them fine. I pulled the deck out to fix up the wiring by cutting, restripping the wires, putting them all back together and retaping. I did this and now there is no power running to the cd player. :banghead: Its a JVC deck and ive never really had any problems with it. I checked all the fuses and still nothing. i rewired everything the same and changed nothing and i cant figure out why theres no power. I wired up just the power and battery wires thinking maybe there was a short somewhere from one of the speakers and yet again still nothing. If anyone could help me out with this it'd be much appreciated, thanks

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

are you sure you hooked up the ground, and if hooked something up wrong.

it's as simple as that. use a test light to make sure you have a constant and ignition, and make sure you have a good ground.

posted by  carls47807

i thought i had a good ground going but ill have to try moving it somewhere else, and the thing with the test like, dont got one :ohcrap: thanks for the input

posted by  transgr3ssi0n

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