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just bought acura legend 90' w/ 5 speed trans. the car has 210,092 miles on it. my problem is whenever i turn on interior light or push in cigarette lighter, my digital clock (in dashboard) light goes out, and the warning light for open door comes on? there is also 3 warning lights (on dashboard) that just stay on ( anti-lock brakes, battery light, check engine.) can anyone help me?

posted by  JUCYBOOTY72

only those 2 things ?or any electrics?your electrical system is not putting out enough current,if the lighter is doing that.
you should hook a voltmeter across the rail and see if it is pulled down.the lighter only draws 20 amps,and should not do this.the abs light is coming on because there is 9 volts in the system. you could have a weak battery,alternator,jump across the battery with a good one and see if the problem goes away.the problem with a nice older japanese car is: ,3 or 4 owners,the only one doing maintainance by the book was the original,and by the time the car is 15 years old,it is falling apart.the interior light is a 7 watt bulb,there is no way that it should pull the battery down 3 volts.the battery can supply 200 amps of current,in order for a 3 volt drop to occur,you would have to be using 600 watts!

posted by  the lobster

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